• Hold an information session with your team so that they are knowledgeable about the products they are selling.
  • Set your timelines for the selling period and when orders need to be in.
  • Set a goal for each participant in your group.
  • Arrange for a delivery location & time when supporters will be required to pickup their order.
  • Be clear on the name that is to appear on the cheques (NOT payable to Chiara Cucina, but to your fundraising organization).
  • Ensure you have a few volunteers to assist with distribution.
  • Pickup window should be 30 minutes.
  • Delivery and pick options during pandemic:
  • Offer curbside pick up with limited contact: separate into family orders and put into trunks at the time of pick up.
  • Pick a delivery spot outside like a park, parking lot, under a covered area using pop up gazebos.
  • Delivery can be scheduled into multiple days (if minimum of $1800 net per order) i.e. schools Gr K-5 pick up one day and Gr 6-8 pick up another day.


We will ship your order directly from our own warehouse using a refrigerated truck to a pre-arranged location, time and date. It is crucial that your supporters pick up their orders within the pick up window (recommended 30 minutes) as our products are sold frozen.


Within 200 km radius of Mississauga & Orders of greater than $2,000.00 Net.

$1.50 / Box

Within 200 km radius of Mississauga & Orders of less than $2,000.00 Net.

Pick-Up only

Orders of less than 25 cases


Do I have to let you know ahead of time that we are doing it?

No, all we need is your “Master Order Form” faxed or emailed back to us 14 calendar days prior to your delivery date.

Can I get order forms and a package sent to us?

Yes, please use our sign up form and we will contact you for the number of forms needed. We can also send you the PDF files that can be posted and emailed out to the group and supporters increasing your fundraising potential.

How much time should we give to sell?

We recommend you leave your sell time open for 2 weeks, then pick your delivery time and date for 14 calendar days after that.

What is the best time for delivery?

A big part of coordinating your fundraiser is ‘When will we get our delivery?.” That is completely up to you and your group-you choose the date and time! We do not pre-book your delivery date until you place your order – however, we do ask for a minimum of a 14 calendar day lead time on all new orders being placed. This allows you to coordinate what works best for you and shift dates if needed.

What do I do with the Master Order Sheet?

You can submit your order online, scan and email it to us. If you wish to submit your Master Order Sheet online, please contact us for instructions.We will confirm your order details within 1 business day upon receipt. If you have not received a confirmation, please call or email us to confirm your order at T: 437 928-4762 or email us at

If we have sold enough for the bonus, what do we do?

On your master order form please deduct this from your net sales.

What are the payment options for the Master Order Form?

One payment for the entire order is required from the group.We can accept a group cheque made out to Chiara Cucina at the time of delivery. The cheque amount must be the total payable confirmed by Chiara Cucina.Prepayment is possible by Visa, MasterCard or eTransfer (preferred) and must be arranged 5 business days prior to the delivery. Payment method can be indicated at the time of ordering.Cash is not accepted at the time of delivery.

What do we do if we do not qualify for free delivery?

The product will either need to be picked up or call us and we will let you know how much delivery will cost.

Is the Fundraising Program available elsewhere in Canada?

No, not at this time. The Fundraising Program is only available within the South Western Ontario region.